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Want some free advertising?

Have you written a blog or newsletter article? Writing articles can dramatically increase your visibility when you write about your area of expertise. Did you know there’s a way to turn that article into free advertising for you? Most people write their blog post or newsletter and that’s where it ends. Here are several different […]

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Do you know what Internet Marketing is?

I recently asked this question in my mastermind group and the answer was a resounding “NO”. Some folks who thought they knew the answer were now second guessing themselves. This experience prompted me to do a little research. I found that the phrase “What is Internet Marketing” was searched over 2.2 million times in the […]

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Have you completed writing your goals for 2012?

Everybody is talking about goals this time of year. Do you have goals for your website too? Like bring in more leads, more conversions, more traffic …. At this time of year you should be talking with the person who manages your internet presence and set up a strategy session to drive more traffic to […]

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