Some retro things look really cool!

But leaving your web site unchanged for years isn’t cool! I don’t know about your business, but if it’s like ours, it’s always changing, improving and offering new or updated products and/or services. We all know businesses don’t run themselves and succeed. They need to be managed at every level and if not done, your […]

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Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

Did you know that most web designers just design? Not many have taken the extra step to understand how to make your web site WORK. It’s not enough any more to have a great looking site. It needs capture the visitor’s attention in less than 8 seconds — amazing when you think about it, isn’t […]

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Why have a web site?

You’ve been toying with the question “Should I have a web site” or “Is it time to update the site I have?” Here are five great reasons to help you with that decision. It builds credibility. A web site shows that you have made a commitment to your business and that you are serious about […]

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