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Internet Marketing Specialist 2014 Internet Marketing Specialist 2014
Internet Marketing Specialist 2010 Internet Marketing Specialist 2010
Internet Marketing Specialist 2009 Internet Marketing Specialist 2009
Keyword Research Certificate Keyword Research Certificate
Project Management Certificate 2011Project Management Certificate

Monica Bentley, a pioneer in her field, started where few women ventured. She was one of six women graduating from a class of 100+ in a vocational school in a then male-dominated Graphic Arts field. In the late 80's she moved into training and systems administration for a Creative Department within a catalog company and became one of the first female Mac Certified Techs in the country, the first in the Boston area. Never able to say no to embracing a new technology, in 1999 she moved into updating and managing several corporate websites for the catalog company.

In 2003, Monica founded Simple Wizardry with the intent to give contractors visibility on the internet. Over the years, Simple Wizardry has evolved from a solo web design practice into a full team of organic internet marketing specialists helping a multitude of service businesses navigate the confusing world of digital marketing. The evolution was gradual. Her clients needed more than just web design. First they asked for optimized sites. Monica answered that need by getting certified in Search Engine Optimization. Then she needed people to write copy and create or edit logos. She knew people who could do that. The next request was social media. And she brought that in too. To serve our many contractor clients Monica then became Houzz certified. As all companies do, Simple Wizardry evolved to fill the clients’ needs. We’re excited to see what’s next.